Startup Day 2020

17th November 2020, 4pm to 6pm (UK time) - Virtual event

This year's theme: Technology to the rescue?

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To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, WarwickTECH is proud to be organising the 2020 edition Startup Day! #WTStartupDay is an event which includes various speaker sessions, ranging from students to seasoned entrepreneurs, that are designed to help you get your start-up ideas off the ground, give you a sense of direction and inspire you to embrace new technologies in your startups.

This year the theme of the event is Technology to the rescue? and will investigate whether technology alone can save all of the world's most serious problems. From health to wealth, diversity to climate change, can technology and innovation save us all?

As always, our event will end with a networking session where everyone, guests and speakers alike, can interact with each other!


Who is this event for?

Any University student interested in technology or entrepreneurship.


Of course! We warmly welcome anyone willing to discover, learn, and collaborate!

Who is running

We're a team of tech-loving students from WarwickTECH, a student-led angel fund backing founders from Warwick University. We aim to empower students to pursue tech entrepreneurship and innovation.

Speakers (startups)

Stefan van der Fluit
CEO & Co-founder of Flow Bio

Stefan is a former Warwick studied as he graduated in Management in 2015. He is a 4x founder and led growth at Facebook and is the 2018 Dutch national Ironman AG champion.

Stefan is currently the CEO & Co-founder of Flow Bio, a DeepTech startup building the interface to understanding the human body molecularly in real-time. Backed by Entrepreneur First and HAX.

Heeral Pattni
Founder of Amica

Heeral graduated from Warwick in 2018 with a degree in Politics and International Studies. A year into working, she was eager to take a solo trip, but quickly realised there was a real lack of support in the market for women travelling solo. Realising this was an obstacle for many women, she created Amica, a friendship app for women travelling solo.

Amica aims to make solo travel more accessible for self-identifying women. Designed to fill a crucial gap in the market by straddling the line between solo and group travel, Amica enables safe and authentic connections, opening women to new possibilities around the globe, both in travel and friendship.

Daniel Svonava
Founder & CTO of Primeflow

Daniel and his team have built forecasting & booking systems for ads worth billions of dollars at Google. Daniel has worked with some of the largest ad agencies and in-house marketing teams on figuring out how to plan, buy, run and report on ads. Nowadays, Daniel serves as CTO at Primeflow, helping business influencers run their own private referral networks.

Primeflow - Make connecting people your business


Anirudh Pai

Anirudh is the head of business development at Superpeer, a company building the future of interactive video. He is also an investor at Conversion Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in the bleeding edge of cloud, fintech, and defense technology across the US and UK. He has a byline at Athwart magazine and writes about history, tech, and economics on his newsletter, Dreams of Electric Sheep.

Caroline Omotayo

Caroline Omotayo is an alumni of Warwick University and an associate (qualified in England and Wales) in the Silicon Valley office of Latham & Watkins, who is passionate about technology law, business and personal development. She represents emerging, public and private companies on commercial and intellectual property transactions.

Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, she lived in London, where she pursued her interest in the technology and the startup ecosystem by undertaking coding courses at Twitter and The Guardian Newspaper as a participant on the Code First: Girls program. She also interned at Bloomberg L.P. and participated in various Hackathons and business competitions.

Rodney Gold Detchebs

Currently working as a Product Manager in the Logistics Intelligence team (where he plays with machine learning models and more), Rodney has a wealth of experience in different sectors, roles and projects. Having previously interned at Google, at Citi and Goldman Sachs, and also built a mental health organisation (Alt Ed) which has supported thousands of individuals, Rodney now spends his time building mini-projects and supporting existing projects. You can learn more about him here.

Rodney is yet another Warwick graduate as he completed a Masters in Big Data and Digital Futures at the university.


16:00 - 16:10Intro by WarwickTECH
16:10 - 16:25Speaker session 1: Flow Bio
16:25 - 16:40Speaker session 2: Amica
16:40 - 16:55Speaker session 3: Primeflow
16:55 - 17:45Panel discussion
17:45 - 18:00Networking session

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